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Elegant Engagement Ring Etiquette

Engagement Ring Etiquette is essential for establishing the traditional setting that has become a social standard. It has been maintained and modified from ancient times. The progression and diversity of engagement ring etiquette has roots in various countries and time periods to produce it as we know today. Times are changing, however, and the natural progression of modern society has once again modified these traditions. The formal etiquette in the traditional manner is still widely used and a good point for a guideline. It is, however, understood that the unique and intimate nature of engagement is largely personal preference. Whenever in doubt, the established etiquette allows for flawless execution for a formal event.


The first aspect of engagement ring etiquette is knowing when to propose is a personal preference in which you simply must "listen to your heart'. It is advised, however, that you use your best judgment in the time selected to propose. It is suggested to have a good feel of the relationship and the lady's interest in advancing it. You'll still need to surprise her for greatest success. Don't be afraid to ask advice from your parents or a priest because insight is always helpful. In the end, just use your best judgment.


As for who should buy the engagement ring, formal engagement ring etiquette dictates that the man buy the ring. Nonetheless, in modern times it is acceptable for the lady to partially pay as well. It simply depends on the type of person she may be. If in the relationship she has been involved financially in all aspects, allow her to be here as well because it would further strengthen the relationship. Furthermore, it would allow you to pick out the ring she wants, ultimately making her happy and involved. Traditionally, the lady would purchase the man's wedding band and he would solely pay for the engagement ring. In all practicality, the proper answer is the one that best suits your needs and hers.


Upon presenting the ring, you may also recite a poem expressing your love, especially one you wrote. The actual setting should contain an incandscent light so the ring reflects back in her eyes, capturing the rings radiance and fire. Kneel down slowly on your non-dominant leg and offer the engagement ring with your dominant hand. You should smile and look into her eyes as you ask the all important question in a calm, clear, confident voice. This would establish your passion and conviction. You can let the feelings at the moment guide you honestly in deep sincerity, that is something she'd also appreciate. After a positive answer, you may gently grip her left hand with your index and sliding your hand to her wrist, her palm facing down. Gently slide the ring onto her center finger. Both in ancient Egypt and in ancient Rome it was believe that the center finger was the only finger that had a vein from it going straight to the heart. It was believed that an engagement ring placed upon that finger secured ever lasting love. Should one be of Irish descent a Claddagh ring could be traditionally

appropriate, it symbolically has a crown and heart which represent loyalty and love. If it is worn on the right hand with the crown facing inward it represents that the heart is uncommitted. If the crown is facing outward it signfies that the person is in a dedicated relationship. If the crown is worn outward on the left hand it means "Let our love and friendship reign forever, never to be separated." This would signify engagement or marriage which the ring may be used for.


As for the question of...When should should the espousal ring be worn? Engagement Ring Etiquette dictates, immediately, to show the magnitude of the moment. You might hold an engagement party and merely take it off until the date, then proudly display it as you make the proud announcement at the peak of the occasion. You may wear the betrothal ring until the wedding ceromony and removing it to the opposite hand. Then after the vows the engagement ring would be placed in front of the wedding ring. Since the wedding represents the solemn vow it should be closest to the heart, preceeding the espousal ring.


If the engagement is broken off for any reason, the lady should, out of courtesy, offer to return the ring. It is simply in good taste. Engagement Ring Etiquette states that the ring be given back if the lady breaks it off. If the gentleman does, she may keep it. If it is a family heirloom from the sirs family, it would be civil to return it without issue.


In conclusion, engagement ring etiquette is diverse and adaptive. Traditions are a strong foundation for a reliable guideline. They are, after all, rooted in thousands of years of human history that has remained a constant in its form. The rule of etiquette is deeply tied to common sense, use your best judgment at all phases, think things through.Solitaire Rings

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