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Quartz Crystal Engagement Rings reign quietly with their beauty


Quartz Crystal Engagement Rings could be a quality consideration with the right knowledge of crystals. Colorless quartz crystal has often been used as a natural diamond simulant. The famous Herkimer Diamond mine is an example of such. While not nearly as radiant or hard as a diamond, it is still remarkably beautiful. In addition, there are many other types and colors of quartz crystal which can make for a rather fancy but inexpensive engagement ring.


Quartz Crystal Engagement Rings, much like diamonds, also can come in a variety of colors, most notably of them is purple which is called Amethyst. Amethyst was used to create a variety of items and was considered to be quite rare in past times. It can be found as a sentimental stone on many Victorian era pieces and possesses a very vibrant color making it an excellent choice as a centerstone.


Other attractive options include rose quartz which its namesake is akin to the color. Very popular for love themes and affordable at under $200 usually for a quality one. If you find one with great color it can be quite pretty, especially with the compliment and contrast of rose gold for example. Otherwise sterling silver's virtuous nature allows for brighter shine accenting the color. It is another excellent choice for a quartz crystal engagement ring.


Adventurine is another auspicious and alluring variety of quartz to consider for your quartz engagement ring. It has a lovely green color and can be comparable to emerald. It can have a nice shimmer and shine to it as well. While not one of the most notorius varieties of quartz, it has found itself being used quite frequently in jewelry.


While not truly quartz, Opal is closely related to it. Opal is a very vibrant color of gemstone that comes in many shades and is semi-precious, not to mention very popular for jewelry. It's value lies in the array of attractive colors from the inclusions. It isn't very brilliant but still very beautiful with the plethoria of hues with its main tone giving it a lovely look. It deserves its place as a highly prized centerstone for your quartz engagement ring.


Quartz Engagement Rings may not seem like a big thing but there are many who collect quartz for its beauty and an engagement ring would surely go with the theme. While the price tags won't break your bank roll, quality should be the top consideration. Color and clarity are key aspects and the cut should compliment both. Carat isn't a concern in my opinion due to the wide availability, in fact one can get 3 and 5 carats for a few hundred dollars.










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